Foundation/ pathway programs

What is the foundation program?

The Foundation program prepares for all the degrees. (International high school, bachelor, masters etc.).

How much is the duration?

The Foundation program lasts from six months up to two years, based on the country and educational institution.

What types of foundation programs exist?

Foundation programs can be general and subject-specific.

Which are the requirements for applying for the foundation program?

Requirements vary based on the country, educational institutions and studying degrees.
In general, knowledge of instruction language and documents for admission is required.

Which are the advantages of the foundation program?

The program is considered an easier way to move on to the next degree of education.
The program develops skills for easier learning in the next level of education.
The program includes the improvement of the language for the specific institution.

What opportunities does a foundation program give to the applicant?

Access to all the services and facilities of the university (library, accommodation and other facilities)
Opportunity to skip the first year of the next degree in the case of high progress.
The program facilitates the adaptation and the challenges that should be faced during the next degree.