• Edu Network (hereinafter the Company) provides support for participation in educational programs and other related services with limited liability in accordance with these general terms and conditions (hereinafter the Terms).
  • The purpose of providing services is to expand the opportunities for applicants to study abroad.
  • In accordance with subject to these Terms, the Company supports applicants in:
    • selection under external educational institutions, taking into account the data and requirements provided by them,
    • filling out the necessary forms, assisting in the preparation of motivational and recommendation letters,
    • assistance in applying for scholarship programs (hereinafter the Services).
  • Services are provided according to the implemented programs, schedule, duration, content and place determined by the latter.
  • In order to use the services, the applicant or their legal representative must accept this offer. Acceptance of the offer can be carried out by signing a written document or an electronic registration on the Company’s website, providing photographs (scans), copies of relevant documents, accepting this offer in the electronic form or other actions.
  • The Company makes every effort to ensure the safe stay of applicants along with the organization of the educational process, however, the Company is not responsible for any damage suffered by applicants or caused by other applicants during this period.
  • By accepting this public offer, the applicant and / or their legal representative accepts the Company’s Privacy Policy and agrees to the collecting, processing and using personal data about them within the framework. 



  • As a rule, payments for services (unless other details are not specified in the Agreement) are determined and calculated by transferring a one-time advance payment.
  • The amount of payment for the service may be a fixed amount or may depend on the specific type and/or quantity of the service.
  • If there are receipts of payment or an electronic bank reference, the applicant will be able to use the Service fully.
  • The amount paid for the provision of services is refundable in the event of:
    • ancellation of educational programs proposed by the company,
    • violations and non-compliance with the norms of project implementation,
    • violations and non-compliance with the norms of project implementation,



  • Any intellectual property material published on the website, including software, is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws and any use is prohibited by law.